Shipping policy

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All of the prices on CementNBricks are usually inclusive of shipping. If the Supplier/Manufacturer/Authorized Dealer imposes additional shipping charges because the order's size necessitates additional heavy transportation services, the customer will be notified prior to dispatch.

During the order placement process, you agree and consent to offer a correct shipping address (including area, pin code, and nearest land mark).

When the vendors / logistics providers / manufacturer deliver the ordered materials / products to you, ownership, title, and risk of loss may pass to you.

If the shipment / logistics provider has informed you with the order status, you can track it. To inquire about the progress of your order, please email or call us at +91 9676 171 352 / +91 799 799 5020 / +91 733 733 7585.

The following papers may be included in your shipment:

Mostly we deliver material/products within 1 to 4 days from the date of order. The specified delivery date is an estimate. While we make every effort to deliver on time, we are unable to guarantee delivery on the estimated planned delivery date.

You acknowledge and agree that is not responsible for the timely delivery of the ordered materials/products to your shipping address at any time.

You acknowledge and agree to offer access to your building site via a clear road. For a seamless delivery of the shipment, we'll require a 30-foot wide road.

Building materials (cement, TMT steel, sand blocks, bricks, plumbing, electrical, marble, and so on) would be shipped to ground level (less than 25 feet from the road/gate to the storage place). If delivery has to be done above ground level, CementNBricks/vendor/logistic partners will incur an additional shipping fee.

If you wish to postpone the shipment date for any reason, CementNBricks reserves the right to keep the cost of handling and storage while the material/products are held at CementNBricks warehouses/ logistics partners.

CementNBricks maintains the right to withhold or cancel an order without delivering it, keeping the difference between the invoice amount and the current pricing, as well as all storage, handling, and shipping charges, as well as any applicable taxes.

You will be responsible for providing a secure facility, a legal address, and an accessible route for the shipment to be delivered. If you do not submit this information, you will be charged for shipping as well as any other taxes that may apply.